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An innovative strategy to the age-old problem of making and maintaining peace

Peace on earth has made huge progress in the past 250 years, despite all the terrible wars. Yet some nations have not quite figured out if they can advance further when conducting war and infiltrating other nations. Art Of Peace is not about being nice to each other, it doesn’t need a book for that. Art of Peace, very much like Art of War shares a strategy to make and maintain peace, countering a strategy for making war. Life, growth, change, prosperity, and advancement take effort and peace does too. Homo Sapiens is purpose-driven and need reasoning for any doing. Instead of the profane idea of being a good person – which did not lead to peace at any given time in the past, we looked for reasoning to make peace.  Since I started to work on this book about 40 years ago I struggled with the thought of reasoning for peace. There are lots of reasons for war – no matter how dumb, but rarely reasons for peace. Art Of War describes a strategy to make war successful but there is no book to make peace successful.

My motive was to find such a reason and a strategy to be successful. In the business world, I’m known for my innovative abilities and my strategic abilities to make it happen. I hope this time I can use those abilities to completely re-think to act of making peace and a strategy to maintain peace.

For the Art Of Peace, we researched the advantages of peace and how to make, embrace and maintain peace. Those who have accepted the brainwashing that they are too little to make a change should know that about 8 billion people would prefer to embrace peace and less than 0.001 Billion are ok with making war. The difference is that this minority knows how to use propaganda to manipulate the majority and how to manage media to transport that propaganda.

To sum up the findings: Probably the biggest reason for peace is that it provides the best infrastructure for prosperity, advancement, and human development.

The most advanced society can only achieve its full potential when all other societies achieved theirs.

War may delay some development so that weak societies see an opportunity to advance further but weak societies conducting war make them only weaker in the long run. Peace on the other hand is the seeding ground for all societies to advance to their potential helping all others to achieve their potential. This is an infinite development as some nations will over time advance faster than others and again over time, yet others move forward.

Planet earth will not be able to exist forever. Intelligent life is nature’s best bet to sustain and develop such life beyond the existence of any planet.

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