Starting Embracing Peace


For thousands of years, homo sapiens have been conducting war. But for the majority of that time, approx. 270,000 of its 300,000 years, it was all about defense, food for survival, and territory protection. As the strengths of Homo Sapiens grew and competition with other species vanished away, competition with other tribes grew. The strength to win against the much stronger Lions, Hyena, Gorillas, and Wildebeest, and again all odds showed us we could win literally against all animals. With the advancement of weapons, we use them not only to hunt but also to steal, kill and create an advantage over others. Even though this is not exactly an intelligent way to progress, we are still in the experimentation phase. Possessing something was more important than making progress. Still today, people question the value of progress. And that mother Earth will not live forever is a problem that is too far for most people. And when we are looking at what advanced us the most, it is collaboration. Out of collaboration came Innovation as one of the most significant examples of the advancement of homo sapience. Teams conduct innovation with highly diverse backgrounds and specific cognitive abilities. Innovation brings us forward, and one day in the future, we know it is the only way to make biological life to sustain the lifespan of our planet. Homo Sapiens is currently nature’s best bet to transform the relatively dead Universe into a living thing. And since peace is a prerequisite for advancement, advancement is the purpose of embracing peace.


Note from the Author: The book ART OF PEACE took me forty years to get to the current stage. By far, the biggest challenge was to find a reason for peace other than “having no war” or “not losing lives.” Today, I invite you to comment and share your thoughts. Help make this also a book of and for peace-embracing people. We need to grow up together and reach the state of an adult species – leaving the puberty of humanity behind us. Our childhood of about 270,000 years was a very cool and nature-embedded time. The past 12,000 years were times of awareness of our powers and differences. Now it’s time to realize who we are and what we can achieve. The next couple hundred thousand years will be marked by advancements that we cannot imagine today. And those who don’t care beyond the time of their own lives and maybe their children and grandchildren are no less important in the process of embracing peace for the generations to come. 🙂


If you have any suggestions for this book, its content, its tonality, or its way of looking at peace, please raise your voice. Please be so kind as to do not to accuse any nation or any person. This would not help embrace peace, and you most likely don’t know why people do and do what they do. We are not here to judge others for actions we never understand in their full context. And if one does not care because it doesn’t fit in that person’s “culture,” they are equal aggressor to those who embrace war as a way to solve a conflict. We look into a future of embracing peace and the need to leave things behind – however hard it may have been.