Art of Peace is out

It is finally published. The book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Hugendubel, and several other bookstores. Like many other authors who are not professional authors with a team, it always takes longer. It was an exciting ride from initial inspiration to finally having a printed version. The problem of war bugged me all my adult life. At business school, I was introduced to “Art of War” by Sun Szu, written around 500 BC as a book that is thought to be one of the first strategy books. That was the inspiration to write an antidote, using the concept of a strategy as a mechanism to achieve a goal.

Unlike “Art of War,” being a strategy to ‘win a war’ or ‘not lose a war,’ “Art of Peace” is a strategy to “be not involved in a war.” It is not a strategy for peace on earth because this would already be another reason for war as it would force behavior on another society or nation. A nation or society must have the right to define its morals and philosophy and practice those morals and philosophies within the borders of its nation. Those borders are a natural mechanism otherwise known as a territory in the animal world.

I describe creating and maintaining peace in Art of Peace as “embracing peace.”  The book is written in a very defining style, “my way or the highway.” I decided to do so for three reasons:
1) A strategy must be a clear path to a specific goal. Otherwise, the risk proliferates to not achieving the goal at all.
2) I wanted this strategy to be clearly understood as an opposing concept to war, written in an equally explicit form.
3) This strategy is meant to be understandable by everybody, with or without military or political education.

I’d love to hear your feedback.