Development & Power Dilemma

Humanity is facing an interesting problem that we need to solve

Development leads to power

Power leads to control

Control diminishes development

My grandmother shared an interesting thought for me to keep remembering:

Politics and its hunger for control
Capitalism and Communism seem to be at the opposite end of the political spectrum. But they are not. They follow a path on a ring. At the bottom they are the same then they develop in opposite directions. as they cross the most opposite points on that circle, they come back to the same spot on the top of that circle:
Both control everything they can to a point where there is nothing left worth controlling.

The longer I thought about it the more I was looking for solutions to solve that problem. I created just yet another mantra:

When you are poor there is nothing to protect.
When you get more and more wealthy you begin to protect your wealth
When you spend more effort in protecting your wealth than risking it, you are at the end of your lifecycle.

The Development & Power Dilemma is about keeping a balance, which is very fragile.

One solution lies in our children. Because they want to develop more than being controlled, they don’t have the hunger for power yet and they are the first to prevent and reject hostility.

To build a peaceful and peace embracing nation, we need to involve our children before they get consumed by power and control hungry organizations of any kind and any type. That includes political, spiritual, social, military, and other organizations.